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There is Nothing to Fear!

What are you most afraid of losing?Really, go inside and ask yourself that tough question.It isn’t easy, but these are the days and weeks leading up to the High Holy Days, and it’s all about facing what we would rather avoid.So what is it? Are we afraid of losing our loved ones, our children?...God forbid!Are we afraid of losing our security?Our homes?Are we afraid of losing control over our lives?Is it a fear of losing power?Is it a fear of losing love and support from others?Just go there, if only for a moment, and see what it feels like just to sit with that fear.“B’Rosh HaShanah Yikateivun,” “On Rosh HaShanah it is written,” “Uv’Yom Tzom Kippur yeichateimun,” “And on Yom Kippur it is sealed:How many shall leave this world, and how many shall be born; who shall live and who shall die…” What a strange religious tradition we have that asks us—that requires us—to face our deepest existential dreads and fears!An interesting thing happens when we stop running and just allow ourselves to…