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Conservative Judaism's Problem? It's too Conservative.

When the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism recently announced its rebranding, affirming Conservative Judaism as “dynamic and authentic,” it had the potential to be a turning point for the movement. Its earlier tagline, “tradition and change,” not only was uninspiring, but also failed to capture the very humanity of our people’s search for meaning and connection at the heart of Judaism. This new phrase—more than just a word-shift—contained a message of a living breathing Judaism; for me, the phrase “dynamic and authentic” most closely expresses what I believe Judaism has been for centuries, and how the Conservative Movement can be the best resource we have to accessing Judaism’s dynamic rhythms, its authenticity of connection. Not long after this step forward, however, the movement then reaffirmed its ban on intermarriage in a letter signed by all four major movement leaders. This letter wasn’t just a reaffirmation of its commitment to traditional Jewish law. For most non-Orthod…