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The Spirit of Israel

It’s very difficult to open the newspaper these days and not feel depressed and overwhelmed.I recently read how the national economy is inexorably careening toward ruin.By the year 2020, he writes, the United States will need to pay one trillion dollars a year just to keep up with interest on the national debt.The national leadership here in Washington looks forward to years of partisan politics and struggle over basic issues of taxation and healthcare.There seems to be no end in sight for on-going struggles in Israel and the Middle East.What are we supposed do to do when we come up against news like this—on a daily basis?We understand that each of us has a responsibility to do something to help our country, our society, our planet.But in this fast-paced, globalizing world, it’s all coming at us so fast.It’s hard to resist the reaction of simply going numb, into denial rather than face the onslaught of unthinkably frightening prospects for us and for the world.How can we, indeed, resp…